Monday, February 2, 2009

No I havnt been scrap mad, have gathered these over the last couple of weeks, so thought better sort them out.Did this last night, very simple, but I added embellishments and it just didnt look right, so have left it as is.I love the pp.The photo is of me and my family when I was probably 3 or 4, have to find out the date from mum. This is one of the very few photos of my family together. Can you see why we would sometimes call my mum marge[from the simpsons]? Thank god for hair straighteners....
I had such good plans for this LO, but just didnt work, so was pulled apart and redone, and still not happy with it, but cant be bothered doing again, so thats it, Im over it.But its me in bathers when I was a little girl.I dont have too many good quality pics from my childhood.

These last 2 are from our trip , seem to struggle with multi photo LOs lately, so made myself do one.theyre ok, but not great.Not really happy with the LOs Ive done lately, will have to keep scrappin and get some right.

Apologies again for the bad quality pics too. another hot day today, so will be indoors, may even scrap, but may not too.keep cool.


:) Tiff said...

lol at the bathers lo.
so cute.
the he is slippery Lo is fantastic.
love the torn paper. looks like lots of layers.

can so see Marge in your Mum. rofl.

amanda hall said...

oh hell Maryanne.

I absoultely LOVE all of these. That first one is adorable in it's simplicity - dont you dare add one more thing!

The multiphoto one is clever - i have been wanting to do one like that - brilliant.

Water boy is great and also adore your bather one - the torn strips are fantastic.

clever chooken.

janice said...

Great layouts Maryanne... they are all so different.
I love the multiphoto one, looks fantastic.

sandra said...

love them ALL
that first one is stunning! I too agree with leaving it just as it is..I went wow! when I first saw it.
and clever girl with the photo strips... looks great.

Moira said...

Oh, these are divine. Absolutely divine! Remember I asked you about an alpha a week or two ago? Well guess what turned up in my most recent Lime Tart kit? Had a happy chuckle when I opened the box. Loving your stuff, keep it up girl :-)