Thursday, January 15, 2009


Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was great.Then off to the shopping centre and the drs with brad.Dr pretty sure that he has ross river virus, had to have blood tests, to confirm or not, so may have them back tomorrow, think he was tested for a few other things also.
actually saw on the news tonight a warning about some horrible virus up here, that 2 people here have died from this wet season.Sounds very rare, Ive never heard of it.[melioidosis]. The doctor seemed pretty sure brad has Ross river, so wont worry about the other.[scruff did google it too]. Pretty sure would have got bitten in katherine, as was very wet when we were there, and we did have a few bugs in our cabin, and we were also ouside more at night.So after drs and some shopping, the kids bought a new dvd, and pretty keen to watch it, so left them here, and scruff and I zipped off to the scrapbook shop here, had found their blog and forum, so wanted to call in & have a look & say hello. I really didnt need anything.[much], but did end up getting some more papers [you know you can never have too much],and a few other bits and pieces.
Then we ventured back to the shopping centre to do a bit of food shopping, I had to call at kmart, and found a gorgeous black scrap trolley bag, with big vibrant pink and purple dots.I loved it straight away, and had some gift cards from christmas, so its now mine![I do love dots].
Scruff, gentleman that he is did look a little out of place wheeling such a bright pretty pink and purple bag along in the shopping centre, but Im sure there are stranger sights to be seen!
Came home and kids [couch potatoes] still into their dvd, so scruff and I trundled over to the beach and took some shots.Even though theres signs up not to swim as its box jellyfish season, you do still get a lot of people swimming here, but I think the jellyfish are more of a problem when its flat calm, but not too bad when the waters a bit rougher.[is that right tiff??] Some really dark clouds were coming in and it rained quite a bit just as we walked back from the beach, and the weather was just lovely. Here on the beachfront from around 4 in the afternoon so many people are out walking, jogging, bike riding etc, and so many dogs too, and all really sociable dogs, not too many on leads.Stays really quite busy until late at night.

I think it has been 1 of the driest januarys here, in the paper it said that the normal rainfall here for the month is over 400mls, but so far this january, has only been @ 70 mls.Scruff is muchly dissappointed as havnt had much of the monsoonal weather while weve been here.

Were staying across the road from a park in NIghtcliff, and quite often see these frill neck lizards running around and dashing up a tree, quite comical to watch as they run off up on their 2 back legs.
there were 2 of them this morning and they didnt dash off, so scruff got some shots, although I dont think the lizard was too happy about it.Not far away up the road a couple of days ago, we had to stop for a goanna trundling across the road too, which we found quite intriguing to watch.

Thats it from me tonight.

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jaki said...

Hey scary. That is so funny about the polka dot trolley! i saw it in kmart a few days ago and nearly got one to stick away for your birthday. Thought u would like it. so nice and bright compared to all the others. Really stood out. Bummer about Brad. Should take 1000mg's of vitaminC a day to boost his immune system apparantly. Just too help initially. shouldn't hurt him. Like ur pics at the beach.could of got some great ones of the lizard with a DSLR! really think u should get one!drive safely!