Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Litchfield National Park

We were up at 6 this morning, and off to Litchfield National Park. Thought wed get there pretty early and before it was too hot, although here at night the temperature doesnt really get any cooler. Well we got there and visited the first spot in, and it started raining, and continued to rain most of the time we were there. The rain was just beautiful.Due to the wet some of the places were closed, but the places and waterfalls we did get to see were just beautiful.
Scruff was in his element with the rain, he has so been looking forward to seeing the storms up here, but we havnt really seen much of them.
Only drawback, was that brad couldnt walk far to visit some spots, and we are starting to wonder if he has some kind of virus or even ross river, as he was bitten by something under his toe a little while ago, then a few days ago his glands in his groin were swollen and sore, then yesterday his good knee was hurting and swollen, then last night his feet were hurting and swollen, and again today, he couldnt walk to most of the places we visited as his feet were hurting, and ankle and knee were swollen even more.He has been tired a lot too which Ive just put down to travelling etc.Have booked him in to a Drs tomorrow, just to get him checked out, before we hit the road again
We are heading to Kakadu Sunday, but might try to change it and head out saturday.The kids have all had about enough of travelling and sightseeing and are all really keen to head home.Starting to nag alot and giving each other the shits, and they dont really want to got to kakadu, but I think we would be mad not to go there after coming all this way. So I m saying tough luck
Heres some photos from Litchfield, some arent great, as raining for most of them.


:) Tiff said...

gday tourists.
Geez I hope Brad's ok. couldn't imagine sitting still for a minute. Hope the dr finds something quick without having to wait for blood tests that take a while.
Litchfield is lovely isnt it.
Was that Tolmer Falls you were at.
When are u due back btw???
great shots.
The fire is under control and now downgraded. Kym is going out on the fire truck tomorrow for patrols so he feels that he has done his bit.
talk soon.

Lisa said...

OMG, that's not good about Brad - hope he is OK!
Litchfield is awesome isn't it?? I think I like that better than Kakadu..............But don't miss Kakadu - it is amazing too!!