Saturday, December 6, 2008

more knocking

finally have arranged all our accommodation for trip to darwin, this morning, 1 night in coober pedy, 2 nights in alice springs and 2 nights in katherine. Arrive in darwin on 2nd january, and planning an overnight trip to kakadu during the stay in darwin.
LOTS of driving.
nick has just got up.............and there it is....again...................tap..tap..tap...actually no its louder than a tap now...its more a bang... bang.....bang.....[and tiff they are pre knocked in a bit..but not enough apparently].This is a pretty regular sound in our house during cricket season, as usually one of them splurges on a new bat, apparently it is totally neccessary to get a new 1 sometimes.[and theyre not cheap crappy things either.]
anyway off to work shortly 9hours today and 9 hours tomorrow. I have prewarned my husband that I may be a little tired and grumpy tomorrow night!
Starting to get a bit stressed about planning to go away, and xmas etc, havnt done hardly any shopping.

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:) Tiff said...

You'll have the tapping of the bat and the whiz of tech screw guns there this arvo with our hubbies on the shed roof. Just as well you are at work.
think I might make some scones to suprize them with... (I'm on the suk up LOL)