Thursday, December 11, 2008

Any Ideas?????

With our upcoming trip, I have been tossing up wether to get a new video camera?{not sure if thats what theyre called now}, before we go away, we have a really old one which is huge, and hasnt been used in years as the batteries are dead, so I have been considering a jvc handycam with the 30 gig harddrive, so we can download film straight to our laptop, without the hassles of a sd card etc.Also our laptop card slot isnt reading.[thats being a bugger].
Also trying to decide wether to get a handy little camera, something really small, and tiny to carry with us when trekking around NT, as my panasonic is a bit bigger and bulkier and requires a carry bag etc, so a teeny little one would be handy, but want to still take some good pics.
BUT which one??
If was to get one would want a reasonably good one but nothing too pricey. I did look at some at rabbitt yesterday, a pentax which was @260??? but $100 of that was pre paid prints.
and how much to spend? seems a bit too extravagant to buy both doesnt it?
have been browsing around but there is just so so many........
very cofusing......olympus?, sony?, pentax?, canon?,

Any suggestions????


Anonymous said...

I like Canon we have one and my son has one $129 at Kmart blue front small enough for handbag use sons more than ours because its in bag at all times.Prints nice photos thats all that matters.

Cassandra said...

Sorryu last post was me how rude.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

:) Tiff said...

have found that the camera on my moblie is actually not too bad.
blows up to a 5x7 without pixellation. all i do is email it from my phone to my 'puter and viola I can delete it off the phone straight away. I dont know if the puter has blue tooth. That would make life much easier.

Anonymous said...

I reckon just stick to a little digital camera mary. You will barely be outdoors long enough to video something but taking a few happy snaps might be more useful in the heat and wet!