Friday, December 19, 2008


IF I was to consider purchasing a digital slr, what is the best one to get?
and What to consider when purchasing a dslr?

have been considering it a little, and will probably get one next year, but am totally bamboozled by it all!
we have a film pentax we purchased a few years ago, which has a twin lens kit, but has been unused for most of that time as we purchased a little digital not long after this, but are we best to get a dslr pentax, and are we able to use the lens on a new dslr???

all too confusing, and any advice you have is most welcome!

[looks like you almost need a license to use one of those things]........

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Lisa said...

Hey mnaryanne - I want one too!! I own an old Pentax SLR and was wondering if the lenses are transferable too! Will be atching this with interest to see what comments you get. From what I've gathered, it's a personal thing - everybody seems to love the brand and model they have! LOL!
Anyways, have a fab Xmas and New Year, hopefully catch up with you soon!