Friday, December 19, 2008

2 new ones

did these last night, silly idea as I usually dont like them the next morning.I think Im okay with them, but I did handwrite on the one of my dad and brother, and it looks crap, wish I had nice handwriting to do more journalling, but it never looks very good.These are old photos, which I had scrapped when I first started, and the layouts were TERRIBLE, so I pulled them all apart last night, which took ages.Now I just have to scrap them all over again!!!
Very little chance to scrap in this house, as my "scrap space" is the lounge room floor, and as it is school holidays, that space is currently taken over by" THE SLOTHS",that is my sons [and their friends]. they go to bed late, get up late, eat breakfast when its almost lunchtime, and generally eat a lot, but dont do a lot arond the place, hence my house being so permanently messy atm.

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:) Tiff said...

LOL at the sloths. I feel for ya Mary.

Love the 'tape'.

re the camera issue.

I was unsure till I had a play with one. I tried a Nikon and the Canon.
I found the Nikon heavy due to bulky lens. Was a high quality lens so is probably why.

main reason why I went canon was so I could pester A and M with my questions. That was the selling point to me.

also ring Diamonds in Adelaide re the pentax lenses. You should be able to use them on a SLR but would pay to make sure.

would love to have a big chat with u about it.
also Tracey W is talking about the same thing. May get a better deal with 2 at the same time, plus all the accesories ie bag, extra battery, memory cards, UV filters (these are a must).
give me a ring this arvo or seeya tonight at Landmark