Friday, October 24, 2008

LCD or PLASMA?????????????????????????

Worked in lincoln the last 2 days, and managed to get down the street, and get a dyson, really not that exciting, but I have vaccuumed these grotty floors today and it was really GOOD!!!!!did a great job!![very sad when Im excited about a new vaccuum cleaner].

I was also planning on getting a new TV and had decided on a LCD, but was just soooooo bloody confusing, went to 3 different shops, and it was just tooo much, were some good specials but they were only HD, when all the newer TVs are full HD!! Just too hard for me to decide and didnt have much time was rushing in and out in my lunch hour! Im afraid, when I m ready to purchase an item of considerable cost, I do not make rash decisions, usually do a bit of research etc to make sure Im really getting the best product for us! When Im unsure I just wont do it, so the Tv is on hold still!!
Have finally got onto someone at TAFE, who knows what theyre talking about, to complete my cert 3 in childcare, [and maybe my diploma!!! ]so that will be good [I hope].Have to apply to do the course and on other occaisons when Ive tried to apply the course has been full,but still have a week to apply atm.Hopefully will only need to complete a couple of modules
Working here tomorrow, and is going to be bloody hot, [thank the lord for aircons] so have not done much at all today, some cleaning, and cooking and watched a movie "What happens in vegas" with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, which I quite enjoyed. No scrapping happening, maybe Sunday hopefully!


jaki said...

Go for the plasma HD. That's what our Panasonic is. The 106cm is a good size. I used the very same Dyson today at the Neville's. Was bllody noice!!! Will have to get one when our's craps itself.

:) Tiff said...

Hi M. I've got a LG Plasma 104 cm.
like u I researched and researched. I dont remember exactly why i went plasma (bought 2 years ago) but there would have been a good reason for it.

jeaulous of your dyson. I have a Vax powerhead and it really doesnt cut it. That what i get for wanting a wet/dry vac I guess.


amanda hall said...

LOL funny to read about your new Dyson. I have had mine for a fair few years and yesterday the kids (yes you read that bit right!) cleaned the car for me and i think buggered it up. :-(

I would never buy any other type of vaccume - they are fantastic.

Re. plasma and LCD - we went with plasma too. I love our TV is big ummmm 103 or 106cm whichever. Ours is a LG one - got it from Truscotts a year or two back. It has the HD and digital thingies all included (no extra box)

I dont know all the technical hoo har but it works well for us :)

anitameade said...

LOL! I understand the Dyson excitement. I am a domestically challenged wife and mum, but even a housework-phobic like me has an absurd love for my Dyson vac! :)
Great blog BTW. I'm a first time visitor - I'll be back! Love Anita. xx