Friday, October 24, 2008

hey jaki

hey yuk,have you got the original of this photo of pop??, hev thinks you have, and if so can you bring it over with you, and also the one of hev when she was little with her brothers and sisters, that was painted[I think], and was damaged ?? Think shes hoping to get polly to restore it. This photo of pop with the train is so badly damaged, its got paint splashed on it, and creased etc, terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also bring over any other old ones of hev/nan etc.


sandra said...

Hi Maryanne... I don't know if its just me .... but I LOVE creases and paint on old photos!... I think it gives them character and reinforces the vintage look... maybe just me :)

jaki said...

Hey Scary.sure do have the original. Will bring it with me but i don't want to damage it any more. will try get some really hard cardboard to put it in so it won' bend and break. don't have a lot of photos of mum or nan. I have the one of hev with everyone but it is huge and in a big frame! My bag isn't that big! will see what i can do. We are restoring pics like that at Tafe at the moment. will show u how when i come back in a few weeks.

amanda hall said...

oh wow. That photo is AMAZING. I agree with Sandra - i love that vintage aged look that comes with the pics. Love that shot...incredible.

I can restore photos too if you need help and if Polly is too busy.