Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heres another

Another quick one last night,[ LO that is ], was going through some photos yesterday, so many of the kids so many doubles so need to get off my butt and scrap some. [Will probaby alter something or add something to this LO later, as often after Ive scanned it, I think something doesnt look right, and so I change it.]

Also going to try to use up some papers and gear that have had for a while,[ k& co paper pads ], but I really do need some more letters,....and maybe a few other things as well. I got a My Minds Eye kit from the Lock girls last time they were at the bakery, and love the papers, some really nice colours for boy pages, have since found several kits on the net[camelot] and just love them but way too many to decide which ones I like the most!!

Thinking of ordering some new stuff but tossing up between scrabooking gear / or a moptop tree and some standard roses for my garden???? [and cant decide].

Trying not to spend too much on anything at the mo, as have finally booked 3 weeks accomodation in Darwin and yet to book any for the trip up and back, but will probably stay somewhere near kakadu for a night or 2, and maybe uluru, or Alice Springs, we havnt really decided yet!

Back to the Drs with ear again, have glue ear which is why I cant hear!! some more antibiotics, but different to the last lot!! hopefully they kick in, as hurting a bit, and also think Ive had a temperature the last couple of nights!!

PS. have used a pin on here, Thanks Tiff.....


sandra said...

soooo nice... love the colours.
working on a page at the moment.
Are you going to do the challenge at E2C and put an entry into the show???

jaki said...

Now Mary is "glue ear" the female version of "blue balls"? jamie wants to know!