Monday, October 6, 2008


have done a LO...................yay.....maybe just needed to have some new photos for some inspiration.did this quickly this afternoon, and first 12x12 LO that Ive done for ages, also first time using time using photomerge / stitch [and thanks tiff for the tutorial, lucky I wrote it down.]

Actually read another book on the weekend, sat in the bath for two hours last night, [well till 1 in the morning] to finish it off. Quite obsessive when I get into a good book, just do not want to put it down, have to keep reading!!!!

Also some more gardening today, went to Port Lincoln to buy some new plants for the garden, was a long slow trip as Nick drove as only has a few more hours to go to get his "P"s......"MAN THAT IS SO SCARY".

Will be heading back to the drs this week with dicky ear [do not take that literally]....[sorry warped sense of humour], cant hear very well out of 1 side, feels like Im wearing a thick pair of earmuffs, annoying the crap out of me.

Thats about it for now, may even see more LOs up this week.



sandra said...

ooooo love this Maryanne!
The colours are Fantastic!!
I have that photomerge programme as well.. its fantastic.. unfortunately though my scanners is not scanning properly... a great big band of shadow right down the middle.. talk about annoying.
I hope your 'dicky' ear (ROFL) gets better soon. for some reason when you mentioned dicky ear, dicky knee came to mind... hows that for blast from the past!!
(hey hey its Saturday show for you young uns)
Can't wait to see some more layouts.
Sorry about the rambling.. I've been saving up!... No ones around this weekend.. like talking go myself...(I keep forgetting to take my meds for that)

:) Tiff said...

wow. u must have wrinkled up like a prune from 2 hours in the bath.
;) on CS3. so glad it worked for you.
Love the LO. awesome stuff.
Dicky ears are bastards. Mine came good after a month and 3 courses of AB and drops. Real pain in arse.
Hope yours is a damn sight quicker than that.
cheers chicky

goooooood girl said...

Very fine......