Wednesday, October 1, 2008


check out

for some fun stuff.
scruffs looked very realistic, hard to find a front on pic of myself, but u get the idea.
[still got grease song stuck in my head amanda]


sandra said...

soooooo funny Maryanne... will be checking this out for sure! just love the one with you in the glasses... classic!

jaki said...

Scruff looks so seventies! can imagine him at the disco jigging away! Mary, what can i look like MUM with her specs on!

:) Tiff said...


amanda hall said...

pmsl Maryanne! they look so realistic - especially the ones of scruff!

love your latest scrapping - the beanie boy one is stunning.

So nice to hear Jaxon being so caring for the dogs. Hope they are getting on better now.

LOL at GREASE. Are you still singing it?