Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You have to check out Scrapblog

Scrapblog,Link in my blog list right down the bottom.........................
So I found this site through designer digitals, and it is great for anyone who wants to fiddle with digi scrapping, its so easy, allows you to have a play without needing photoshop or any other program and you dont need to download any thing either.Theres a quick tour video, which I recommend you watch first as it guides you through it and how to get started etc.
These pages were already done, there is loads and loads of themed pages to choose from, then you upload your photos, which takes a few minutes, then you can crop your photos to fit, rotate them or whatever, you can also edit or move, resize or delete anything on the page, such as on the pink page, it had text around it, but it was directed at girls so I deleted it. You can also start with a blank page then add stickers etc to it. so easy.Give it a whirl, its not too hard and you will learn more as you go along, and its free.
When youre done you can publish it and upload to your blog so it plays a slideshow of it, you can select music to go with it, but I saved mine in jpeg format, then downsized them so the file wasnt too large.
This was so easy, took me about 10 minutes to do these, so check it out, theres some absolutely gorgeous stuff there.


sandra said...

this looks so cool... going to have a go real soon!

:) Tiff said...

checking this one out. great LOs. great pics Maryanne.

Anonymous said...

thanks Maryanne, will have to check this one out. Still spending heaps of time on photoshop and working something new out all the time, enjoying it much more now was so daunting to start with. Im doing the classes with Karen Jennings next term.. looking forward to it .Love your layouts... they look great.
Have registered for the retreat also, should be lots of fun.
hope you are feeling better.