Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey Im guessing you have all seen that Red dunes scrapbooking are having a sale Fiday and Saturday in Tumby supper rooms?? How unfortunate that I will be over there for footy.When saw advertised, I thought "I wont worry about going over to have a look"[have spent enough lately], but then when I realised would be there for footy, well maybe I could just have a quick look, as Im after a mega/giga punch?
Where exactly is the supper rooms in Tumby????


Lisa said...

No idea where they are Maryanne - maybe at the CWA or something like that - oh maybe the Hall - they usually have big supper rooms!! LOL! Hope the footy goes well and enjoy the, what do I need................??LOL!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Mary ...
Like Lisa, I'd be guessing at the Hall?
Hopefully they'll have signs out on the footpath or something ... and possibly more details in the footy budget??
Have a good weekend.

cassandra said...

No idea Maryanne but I'll have my eye out to go and have a look to. Thanks for sharing havent seen this advertised.
P.S Was good to put a name to the face last week, you have been busy scrapping my scrap place is not for other peoples eyes at the moment (picture on blog).

:) Tiff said...

supper room would be in the Insitute. Across the road fromt the oval gates and nth a little bit.
easy stroll back with chock full bags of goodies.
she used to have lots of kits of stuff.
Happy shopping.
No way i am taking Sean out in this weather atm. Already been into Hospital to get him checked today, dont want to make him worse because i am being too self indulged. ps did some shopping at Lock yesterday. Lots of boxes of goodies in this week.
hope all is well and asthma free in your house M.

maryanne r said...

hi tiff. thought thet might be it, at the hall, near the gates, sometimes have craft thing on there when footys been on
and yes had brad at drs ysterday, has bad hayfever, and bit of asthma....lovely weather for asthma today all that pollen blowing around!!!!