Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am a sucker for sales

So long day in lincoln today{took mum and friends down for mammograms, and I had an appointment also}.But managed to pop into the surf shops and purchased some sale items,that I hadnt really planned on,and same at target, went in for a browse and walked out with some unplanned purchases, because again they were clearance items and marked down heaps!!!Bargains????maybe, but did I need any of the items???maybe!![ all for kids]
Anyway was after some clothes for myself, as only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit me,and plenty in the cupboard that Im gonna get off my butt and really try to lose 6 kilos, by mid november, which is when we go to adelaide to see John mellencamp and sheryl crow concert, so I can do some bloody clothes shopping!!!!Hate shopping for clothes when you know you have gained weight and the only reason you are buying new clothes is because the ones you have dont you look at the clothes or try them on, think you look hideous and fat, and walk out with nothing and vowing to lose weight,!!!
Story of my life last few years!!!!
Anyways theres another load of waffle.....


sandra said...

Girl I am Hearing you!
Everything you just wrote applies to me too!
But you look Fantastic Maryanne!.. don't sweat about it too much!

Lisa said...

ROFL - you crack me up Maryanne!! Love the last line...........ROFL!!!
Anyway - yep, I hear you about the shopping - I have a wardrobe and about 3 suitcases of clothes that don't fit! Damn baby blubber - will it ever go away??
And I agree with Sandra - don't sweat it, you are gorgeous!

maryanne r said...

cheers girls for the positive comments! I know Im not the size of a house...yet, just a hell of a lot bigger than Ive ever been before, wasnt even this weight when I was pregnant!!Just annoying not fitting into clothes that fitted a year ago, so gotta budge some blubber.