Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye old house

A few months ago, when I started to scrap again, I spent a whole weekend just scrapping, making myself scrap really. This is one of the layouts I did, its from when our old house was removed from our block, it was a happy day as it meant the house could go and preparations for our new one could begin, but I remember after watching it going out the road on the back of a truck, I got all emotional and started bawling, not because of any real sadness but I had all these memories of my babies in this house. Anyway all done and dusted now.


Tiff Firth said...

I love it. all the little details, the clustered clouds, the colour to tie the gherkin in, and the little houses on the bottom.

love love love

miasmummy said...

Lots of memories in your house!! I felt like that when we left Roxby and the home we bought Lexi home to, and we eventually sold it, so all ties are cut now!! It's great to see you scrapping again, I love the layout too!! xx