Sunday, January 22, 2012

wow, two months....

so time must fly beacause its been 2 whole months since I posted.Like everyone else we all seem to use FB more than anything these days,.
Anyway so in the last 2 months whats been happening is=
we finally got to move into our house, at long last!!We're slowly getting things done to the house, got our front deck almost finished, and just about to get the back deck started.Lots of other jobs to do, but will take a bit of time.
Managed to clean our shed up and have found my scrap gear, cobwebs and all.Hopefully once school is back and things get back into some sort of routine, Ill get the time and motivation to get back into scrapping.
My bradley graduated form yr 12, and got accepted into Darwin :(  He is going to defer for a year so I dont have to say goodbye just yet.

We managed a quick trip over to see my brother and his family in Victor Harbor at new year for a few days, which was good, although I did have a husband with tooth trouble, which wasnt much fun for him., and meant we didnt get as much of a look around as planned, but the beaches sure were busy over there.
We're back off to adelaide soon for a day at the cricket and for brad to have an ankle reconstruction, then home in time for school to start monday, and back into some routine.
Wishing you all a happy australia day.


:) Tiff said...

golly gosh you make handsome children.

good to hear the scrapstuff as been discovered.

take care of you and yours.


SueP said...

Happy Australia Day to you too!!

wow, you have been busy lately!! Enjoy the cricket!.. and glad to hear you have found your scrapping gear....can't wait to see some of your works!!

Janice Nicholls said...

Well done to Brad on getting into Uni, it is hard to see them go but they do come back home Mary. Hope all goes well with his operation.
Gorgeous grad photos. I will call around soon for a cuppa or glass of water for a chat and look at your beautiful new home.
Happy Australia day to you all.