Friday, March 11, 2011

2 netty boys

Life has been so busy lately, I really havnt had time to scrap or much else.
My boys have always played football, basketball and cricket most of the seasons, but nick and brad have also been playing mixed netball in port lincoln on tuesday nights.At the beginning of the season they were quite comical to watch as many of the guys in the team had never played netball before or had only played in PE at school.They have improved heaps and have ended up 2nd on the ladder I think, and made it to finals.
The boys really enjoy playing netty, and I enjoy watching them play too, so much better than footy and basketball, less worry about someone getting hurt, and I actually understand the game!
Tried to get some shots tuesday night while I was scoring so pretty random snapping, also I have a bit of trouble getting decent shots in the stadium.


sandra said...

the shots look great Maryanne.
sorry I haven't been in for a while..your blog doesn't update on my sidebar anymore and I miss your new updates...must remember to keep checking in ;-)
and I like your cricket are too hard on yourself
and girls we must have another get together soon.
my place next time okay??

SueP said...

Great photos Maryanne...boys just love to play netball with the girls ey!! them how high they can jump etc.... a 'testosterone' thing i am sure!!LOL!!

:) Tiff said...

wowsers the boys are so athletic with huge leaps like that!!!! would be great to watch them in action!!