Monday, February 14, 2011


do you remember when I first got my little green machine @ 18 months ago? I remember loving it but my sons not so!Its just not a cool car for teen boys.......actually I recall brad actually ducking down in the backseat one day so his mates didnt see him in
anyways dont things change, as brad has recently  got his Ps, and guess who today wanted to use his moms "not cool" car to zip to lincoln in....... he even says its really good to drive in lincoln, easy to drive around and park etc.
My oh my.....I did worry about my little car getting home safe and sound...oh and brad too of course.


sandra said...

I love the gherkin..I can spot you a mile off!
and I can imagine you sitting at home waiting for the gherkin to get home safely....oh and Brad ;-)

:) Tiff said...

somehow I can imagine Brad looking quite comfy in the gerkin.... image wise, not sure about his long legs fitting in so easy tho.