Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back home

On sunday we made the drive back to adelaide again, to go and see metallica.And while Im not the biggest ever fan of metallica, I really did enjoy it.I loved being able to go with my family, although jaxen chose not to come with us[he would have trouble sitting still for that long].Nick and his GF lisa had never been to anything like this before, and Nick has always liked metallica, so he loved the concert.There was lots of lights, flames and loud loud music, and it was a great performance.I loved that we could take the kids, and I hope they appreciate how lucky they are to have these opportunities.
I can remember as a child going to see kenny rogers and dolly parton [woohoo]with mum and my sister and some of my mums family.I cant really remember the concert much, but I can vaguely remember how exciting it was to be there.My parents certainly werent very financial, and my dad would never have been interested in anything like this so It would have been a huge cost for my mum to take us to something like that, I know she would have saved for months beforehand.As an adult now I realise how hard it would have been for my mum to do these things, as my dad was a drinker and my mum had to work to have her own money.

metallica, huge crowd, awesome!!
Anyway on to something lighter, I did manage to get back to marion for a bit of shopping....[well maybe more than a bit], managed a tiny bit of christmas shopping, but I couldnt resist buying this for myself
How gorgeous is it?, and practical too!!
 Nick and Brad have started playing mixed netty in lincoln,on tuesday nights, I usually go with them to watch and score or time, and there have been some nights where I would like to take a coffee, so this is perfect.


:) Tiff said...

what an awesome memory you kids are going to have forever. I hope they will look back on it with the same sentiment as you have. Truly a bonding moment. great pics mate. I'm surprised you were allowed in with a camera. (Couldnt do it at the circus recently), but glad you grabbed a couple of shots.

sandra said...

Love that you would want to do this with your kids.
And understand the urge to do these kinds of family things while the kids still want to hang out wiht the 'olds'and before they leave the nest.
Great photo too.

Tanya said...

OI, nothing wrong with Kenny Rogers... I'm seeing him for the 2nd time in January! I saw him 12yrs ago, and can't wait to see him again!! Glad that you had the opportunity to take the kids to this, it's surely a massive experience seeing something like that! x