Monday, November 8, 2010


SO no all, but I hope to break the drought tomorrow!Sometimes I have the inclination, but not the time etc, or when I have the time, no inclination!Im sure you can relate...well some could Im sure.
So I have been busy lately, theres always work, then the kids sports, and other committments.
Last week we ventured to adelaide for jaxen to play sapsasa cricket, and while I find cricket quite boring at times, I did really enjoy the week.He was with a good group of kids, and there were a fair few parents and families there so there was always others to chat to.Was quite an enjoyable week, except the driving to adelaide and back, I hate that part.[and we head back over again on sunday...]
Anyway we had an enjoyable but exhausting week, and as I worked the 3 days after arriving home, Im really looking forward to having a day off tomorrow.
Just a few photos to share, because I have nothing else to show.
The first 2 are of my step neice, who we stayed with in adelaide, they live next to a winery which made a good backdrop.And the last is of jacko.Hopefully ill be back soon with something more interesting to share.


SueP said...

Gorgeous photos....looking forward to seeing some of your scrapping again!! :)

:) Tiff said...

ahhhhh. you and Flora are having a great relationship.

great shots too.

janice said...

Love the second photo,just beautiful.
Great one of Jacko with the cricket ball too, heard he did reslly well last week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maryanne - where did you stay near the winery - was it south of Adelaide? Tx Michelle

maryanne said...

hi michelle, stayed at my brothers house at blewitt springs near clarendon, its very pretty there, but I would get lost if I had to drive there myself, lots of windy roads with twists and turns.

Gina B said...

Great photos, love em. Cant wait to see some scrapping.