Monday, August 16, 2010

card box

 I seem to have so little to blog about really, but I did make this card box a little while ago to store my cards in after I was required to make 1 card and ended up making many....but none since.

I made the box to coordinate with the cards I had made, so I wont show the whole box just yet.


:) Tiff said...

yay. it's all good now.

love the box and you've photographed it well. The DOF with the tabs is great.

This is a top idea. I'm thinking of cards received that is, as I tend not to make them lol


sandra said...

As I have been lucky enough to see this irl I can vouch that it is Gorgeous work.
I soo loved your card box that I have it on my verrry long to do list!!

ps love your new blogs new look

janice said...

This is beautiful. love the colours, the banner and the tabs. You have done a reslly good job and its such a great idea.
Hope you have sent SM an email!!!

amanda hall said...

very clever Mary and what a brilliant idea! This is gorgeous! (and your cards above are amazing)