Monday, May 24, 2010

wedding layout

Tiff recently challenged a few of us girls to each scrap our wedding. For me my marriage is great and I love my husband dearly, but I would be lying if I said it has been always wonderful and perfect.As Im sure we all do,there are sometimes challenging spots in our relationship,well for us there is, and surely for others too?....[sometimes maybe?]so hence the journalling for this.
Big thanks to sandra for the little pink handmade flower up the top.
You can see tiffs layout  tiffs wedding and sandras sandras wedding here.

sorry for my crap quality pic too!!


:) Tiff said...

so honest Mary. Yes, at times it can be awful and I do wonder on occasion..... but I love my Kym forever... for better and worse...

love the OA.

sandra said...

So true Maryanne.
It takes a lot of work on both sides to make a marriage work well, and it's not always a bed of roses... I think anyone who says it is are deluding themselves (or lying! shh I didn't say that! lol)
I love your layout...
Love that idea of the photos going down the page and love the colours.
Always love your work Maryanne.

amanda hall said...

this is stunny Maryanne. You are so clever with your colour combos - the yellow is totally eyecatching. LOVE the paint effects too.

yep = i think we can all relate ;-)

Kerryn said...

Hi Maryanne, thanks for popping in and saying hi :) and for your lovely comment!

This is a great page!! and honest too!!

janice said...

Love this page Maryanne.
Your colour combo looks great.
Havent done my page yet still a few more days before the end of May, have been working on some others though.

TatumW said...

I love this Maryanne...both the layout and the sentiment. Love the colours & design. Tatum xx