Thursday, April 8, 2010

my girl molly

Today I started a layout  about molly {our gorgeous staffy who we love to bits}, and spent a fair amount of time on it.Didnt get to finish it off tonight as the silly dog, hunted down some racumen [mouse bait] and ate a fair amount of it!!!!!
We dont generally use bait, just too risky with animals, but with so many mice around, scruff had made some bait stations, with bait bags inside sealed containers with holes small enough for mice only.He then put them behind heavy objects so they were not accesable to the dog.Well molly has become very zealous in her pursuit of mice lately, she seriously patrols the yard and the shed hunting mice, and we can actually hear her sniffing all around for mice, and banging around in the shed hunting them.Tonight I could hear a bit of ruckus outside, but thought it was the kids mucking around in the shed.But no, it was molly. who had managed to dislodge a bait station from behind a large piece of iron, and managed to also get the lid off and eat 2 sachets of bait!!!!luckily jaxen heard her and saw what she was doing, so after a phone call to the emergency vet, we had to pour salt water into her to induce vomiting, and get the bait up!
we succeeded, but it sure wasnt very pleasant, and Im sure molly will take some time to forgive us as to say she was less than impressed is an understatement, but it had to be done.
So we're off to the vet tomorrow for a vitamin k injection and hopefully we'll be all good!
fingers crossed!
Well that was my evening, more grey hairs accumulated tonight!!


:) Tiff said...

before you rip down to Lincoln for the Vit K check with Kay Barnes or Helen Taylor. I think they have some on hand for their horses. Its pretty much standard for a horse 1st aid kit. If they dont have it let me know and I'll make a call to another local chick. I'm out as of 11.30 so let me know before then. prob txt would be best.

So glad Jaxen pricked is ears up. He's always been so tuned in to animals hasnt he!!

no wonder you wanted my scotch. lol

sandra said...

poor poor Molly and poor poor you guys.
Hope the kids are okay too, so traumatic.
big hug for Molly. Will be thinking of you!!

Trish.S said...

OMG know the feeling, and having to force a dog to vomit is awful. been there,gosh hope all is well sending hugs to you and Molly.

Lisa said...

OMG Maryanne! how awful for you all...not the least being Molly! Thinking of you all...(((((hugs)))))

amanda hall said...

thank god she is ok. I hate poison with a passion. It has claimed too many of our families precious pets.

(fox not mice though!)

so glad all ended well for Molly.

amanda hall said...

sorry should be 'family's' not 'families'