Thursday, March 11, 2010

sorry sandra...

I havnt scrapped for such a long time, partly due to the fact that my house is in absolute disarray at the moment, as my sister is painting my loungeroom and kitchen for me!she is very strange as she actually doesnt mind painting!!!I know...... how weird is that!
So sandra, I do have a messy loungeroom, but just not scrappy messy![and my scrap gear is spread all around the house too]
I am also on one of the kids sports committees, and have been a bit busy with that too the last few weeks, so I am struggling to find enough time and space to scrap.
The e2c retreat seems to be approaching very quickly so I do need to get my gear sorted.Mind you I dont think it will happen next week either, as another busy week of kids sporting events......
soon though

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sandra said...

well okay then..that excuse will do ;)
Will be nice to have a freshly painted lounge and kitchen.. it will make the mess worth it!
and yay for having a sister who enjoys doing it!..I personally could think of better things to do with my holiday!! lol
and yes retreat is just a fortnight away... eeek!