Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sky Tonight

Was a terrible day weather wise today, extremely hot and windy, but the sky was so beautiful tonight, such spectacular colors,I had to get my camera to take a few shots.These are straight out of the camera, I havnt enhanced the colors at all.

I have started some chrissy shopping just yesterday...well one pressie anyway.I also did a photo book online today for scruff for christmas, of our trip to darwin at the beginning of the year.My goodness did that take some time to do today, a few hours actually.I think also by the end I was getting over it, and I think I forgot to edit the text boxes on the last couple of pages.oops. so will have to come up with an idea to cover them when it arrives.Some rubons or something maybe.
I also finally did a layout, although it is a digital, [much less messy].This is for the color challenge over on the E2C blog.

Its about being a big sister, and is how Im feeling towards my little sister at the moment, who was here for a visit recently, but has been unwell since she returned home and is going through some issues in her life as well atm.


sandra said...

WOW!!!! at those photos Maryanne.
And WOW at the layout too. just love it.
All the best to Jaki as well, I hope things are better.

:) Tiff said...

wasnt it spectatcualr last night. I was wondering if you were out catching some rays. and your LO. well my goodness. Who would have thought you could do pink so well. Sub it chick. It should be a cert!!

Jane said...

those photos are bl@#$y awesome Maryanne!! fan @#$%& tastic !! well done

Marika said...

Love the layout Maryanne and those photos are just stunning Maryanne.