Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ta da...

I did say I would scrap today, and I did manage to get a grand total of 1 layout completed.pretty plain, but basically thats what I wanted.This page is about how I got the nickname dongy.Again took me longer than planned , as fart assed around between the laptop, and the desktop, and sometimes computers just dont do what they should do.Notice I did get to use some pink!that was different!
Also had a bit of a sort through my photos and albums, and omigosh that was a task. actually most of it is still in piles on the loungeroom floor [tomorrows job].I have some of my old photos that I have mutilated, as when I first tried scrapping the oval cutters were all the go, so many of them have been cut into ovals.Also writing on the photos...my gosh why did I do it!!So annoyed that I did that.I also have some really really tragic pages,that I did when I first began to dabble with scrapping, they are so bad that I think I will attempt to redo them....but such a big job that will be....so maybe someday.Not that I think my pages are wonderful or anything like it but I do think I have improved since I did those.
Anyway looks like another crap day tomorrow, and Im not working till friday, so maybe another layout tomorrow.



:) Tiff said...

(insert applause).
yay for you. I am so happy you scrapped. and pink to boot.

great corrugated card. have always liked it. and your stitching is fabulous too.

Caitie said...

I really like your use of a small photo and how you've used it to tell a story about you, and not necessarily about that day or time or place etc that the photo was taken.

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'll get to posting some of the recipes in the next few days, including the ice cream bar one.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight! Never thought I would, but I do. Finished the first one yesterday at lunchtime after starting it on Sunday! On to New Moon today!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like that story. I haven't called you Dongy for a very long tim. Think since high school. Kind of odd when i hear hev call you Dongy tho!

maryanne r said...

im playin scrabble...where r u???

Christine said...

Love that story! The red stitching really sets it all off.
I've got a set of those oval cutters too with the matching cringe-able pages - eek! They were one of my very first scrapping purchases and I was so keen to use them!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments too, it's really sweet of you :)

Anonymous said...

Love your page Maryanne, being a person who didn't really get a nickname I love to hear how others got theirs. Love the font used and the story. A simple but very effective layout well done I like it. Nice for you to get the opportunity to use pink too, a colour I rarely get away from as you could imagine!!! Tracey W.

sandra said...

Love it Maryanne!
Great story and just adore the colours!
Congrats on all your layouts in the mags lately, so good to see.
And are you going to the retreat this weekend... please say yes! please say yes!

maryanne r said...
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maryanne r said...

thanks for all your comments.

sandra, sorry Im not going, as my sister will be arriving on a little rex plane next saturday night!

Anonymous said...

sure will be......and i hate those little REX planes!

SueP said...

Love this LO Maryanne!! Love your red stitching and the tear along the top edge!

Know what you mean about the 'early' scrapped pages and those oval cutters!! I have of those pages too!!

Congrats on the pages in the magazines lately....you are on a roll girl!! Great one!!