Wednesday, October 7, 2009

coffins today

Took jaxen and a couple of friends down to coffins today for a game of putt putt, then down to look for some crabs.That was brief, the boys spent as much time wrestling on the lawn.
Had a bit of a drive around coffins before coming home, and saw some emus and a mob of kangaroos in the town near some new homes.We were parked right near them, and they didnt even budge.werent wary of us at all.
these holidays have seen me trying to have a bit of a cleanup around the house, getting rid of some of those things you no longer use but still stash away in the cupboard "just in case".
I have also had a quick sort through my magazine stash most of which are scrap mags, and have been quite harsh in my clear out of them.Many have had to go, as I have way way too many.I cant help it, I just have to keep buying them.
So my car is loaded and off they go to the op shop. It does hurt, just a little!Think I might even attack the linen cupboard and the kitchen cupboards in the next couple of days.


:) Tiff said...

purging is good for the soul. (and the cupboard space). good on ya. You may even feel creatvie after your trip to the op shop!!

Anonymous said...

hope u keep the mags that u have had stuff published in so i can see them!

Christine said...

I really need to do that too. I'm loving all your photos and I loved your page in the current SM with the drawing - totally cute!

Jody said...

Your photos are fantastic!!!
And I hear you about the magazines, mine double yours.
Thanks so much for your nice comments about my daughter on my blog :)