Thursday, October 1, 2009

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Theres a house at the end of our street, which is being renovated.This guy must belong to one of the builders there, and has been popping down to our house for visits.I must say when I first saw him I did think he must be the ugliest dog Ive ever seen.
But hes been hanging around a little bit loves drinking out of the bird bath and has had a snack on mollys biscuits.He seems to be such a big gentle creature, so quiet and placid, that now Im thinking hes so ugly and awkward looking that hes just a little bit cute...well sorta kinda....a teeny little bit.


sandra said...

Oh he is just Gorgeous! Seriously!
Reminds of me of Hooch from that movie.
Awww just want to give him a big cuddle...... he can keep the drool though ;)
LOVE the photos... I hope you give them to his master.. he'll love them!
Can you come over and take a photo of Trixie for me?? lol

:) Tiff said...

oh yes. He's Hooch alright.

great shot with the water drops. very clear and crisp.

and well, i think he's a bit cute too... in a sort of mutt way!!

jaki said...

Think a great subject for you to photograph just walked into your front yard! He is very cute! got a lot of character in his face!