Monday, September 7, 2009


we went to lincoln this afternnon, and brad got these.
lordy help me..................more grey hairs!


amanda hall said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo Maryanne! The DOF is great and fab at getting the umpire in the background!

eeeeeek at the driving thing!! Good luck!

sandra said...

congratulations to Brad and a big hug of support for you!
love that shot too...

:) Tiff said...

wow. 2 boys on the road. I bet you wish you could put 'regulators' on the engines and trackers so you know where the hell they get to on the weekends.
lots of sssllllooooowwwww trips to Lincoln coming up.

top shot. I guess he had no idea as there is no hand up in front of him and the camera to say no!?

good luck for Adelaide.