Tuesday, September 29, 2009

on the farm

went to a friends farm today for jaxen to go motorbiking.took my camera, and got plenty of biking shots, but as soon as I drove up the driveway, I spied this old truck.Wasnt long before I went for a walk to get some shots.


:) Tiff said...

really like your angle on this one. which action is it??? PW 70's??

maryanne r said...

hey tiff yep the top one is PW 70s.the other PW heartland.

sandra said...

Great photos Maryanne.
Love that distressed action on the bottom photo..
Lol if I remember correctly, weren't you disappointed in a layout a while back because the photo had creases and distessed areas?? Now you are adding them!!how things change.

SueP said...

oooh, love these photos Maryanne, they are just gorgeous!! love the action over them!! I am going looking for this one and give it a whirl....like you said :)

Also love your new header to your blog....is that one of your photos too??? clever girl!!

maryanne r said...

trust you to remember sandra....but yes you are right!
ans sue, believe me its easy, and addictive too.