Friday, April 17, 2009

loves footy

Did this one quickly this morning, although not as quick as should have been because my printer was giving me the shits!!! felt like smashing the thing.[mmm now I Dont like where Ive placed the journalling, will move it after I think, but Im over it right now].
Felt the urge to do a footy LO, as its the first game of the season tomorrow, and the kids are in varying stages of excitement about the first game. Jaxen has been counting down the sleeps till the first game, and brad also, but nick is so nervous already about playing tomorrow.He gets up this morning very nervous already, and states that there is to be no talking about footy at all today...YEAH RIGHT! the other 2 are keen as mustard!!
I myself sort of like the footy but as a mum, with the boys playing senior matches, it scares the hell out of me, as worry about them getting injured.Brad had injured his knee badly last year, requiring a trip to adelaide[which also meant he missed out on playing in the u15s in adelaide.], also a concussion [his 2nd or 3rd?] and a broken collarbone[not from footy though].Then he got the ross river in january which has knocked him a bit too, with sore joints etc.
I also remember last year seeing nick being deliberately targeted with an elbow to the face [which luckily just missed], by a 40 year old in seniors , so Im kinda not really keen on watching the games.
I guess I sound like an overpotective mother!
With all the anticipation of football today the kids are finally getting their gear sorted, and If I hear another "wheres my footy shorts/mouthguard/skins etc etc etc,???
I might just lose it........


sandra said...

looks great Maryanne.. love the photos.
All your boys played well today!
Good result in all grades!

oh and tea tonight was yummy! lol;)

SueP said...

You do red and black pages sooo well!