Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thought Id better post...

havnt posted for a while so heres some pictures from E2C retreat.

FANTASTIC WEEKEND.the Friday night house class. So much fun.Whoever thought I could make a house huh??

mine were pretty basic, but some of the other girls did some absolutely gorgeous ones. My journal from tiffs class. Thank you tiff for sharing....loved it and came home and continued this project sunday night.

Amandas sunday morning class. WOW these LOs were STUNNING, and again thank you amanda for sharing with us!!! Everyones LOs looked fantastic.....[havnt finished mine yet though].

Missed merediths class as headed off beck and habs wedding, which was just such a really lovely wedding.I had all these plans to take lots and lots of photos, but my battery went dead shortly after the ceremony, so spare battery will be next on my shopping list.

wedding at dutton bay woolshed
And apart from the classes at the retreat I only managed 1 and a half LOs. [pathetic I know]....


Moira said...

Oooh, those photos are really looking good - so much fun playing with a new toy! The layouts are looking lovely as well, and hey, it's quality not quantity right? LOL I'm off to a retreat next weekend and I'm betting it'll be a similar story for me!

sandra said...

Great weekend wasn't it.. was great fun sharing a table with you!
loved your little houses.. your colours were so fantastic.. and love that little ladybug.
Love your layouts..
I got to get me one of those fiskars threader thingy ma jiggies.