Saturday, March 7, 2009

sports day photos

Havnt done any scrapping lately, but did get the camera out for sports day yesterday, [and annoyed my children by taking photots]. . have been trying some new actions, have not been able to find my usb with most of my favourite actions, so have been trying out some others.not anything great but....

Looking forward to the weekend, and the retreat, [and not working on saturday], am rooming with some great girls, so should be fun[ but not sure that youll get have a good nights sleep kylie s, LOL].


sandra said...

great shots Maryanne
love that high jump shot!
And did I hear correctly... (through my open front door) that Brad did really well with something??
and I can't wait for the retreat either!... and I agree with you... Kylie... don't even think about having a good nights sleep!..You know how the galahs/crows wake you up on the farm first thing in the morning ? Well imagine them in the same room as you! lol

Anonymous said...

Howdy girls ... I can only try I guess ... a few hours straight would be great (and a bonus) as I certainly don't get that around here!! I'll pack my earplugs and see how we go !!
Looking forward to the weekend with a bunch of great gals, not long now!

:) Tiff said...

want to borrow my usb chick???
your boys are so buff.

5 sleeps to go. 5 sleeps to go.

sleepin's cheatin'