Tuesday, March 24, 2009

diamond challenge

Did this LO[for amandas diamond challenge], of brad when he first got his pet python.Hes gone to a new owner, buT we did have him for about 4and a half years.I was adamant there would NOT be a snake in our house, but somehow it happened.And nick even had a pet rat for quite some time too, which is just downright insane as I absolutely abhor rodents!!!mice are bad enough!!
So I dont know how these kids do it but they just manage to get their way around me most of the time!
Thanks for all the comments on the LO acceptance, it was accepted by SM.
cheers for now, jobs to do and then ready for work, but would so love to just spend the day scrapping, as perfect weather for it!LOVING the rain!


:) Tiff said...


sandra said...

Already said how much I love this on the E2C blog.
You are scrapping up a storm lately, and I love what you are coming up with!..

and Tiff looks a bit suspicious *lurking* around the corners like that doesn't she??

sandra said...

*subway dance*
congrats Maryanne.
So well deserved.