Monday, February 16, 2009

what I did today

trotted off down the street this morning, to take the dog for a walk, and post some items, took my little backpack with camera, so I could let molly have a play on the oval and I could practice using camera.I even packed socks for molly to play with [tennis balls just disappear from around here].

off we went, but damm they were mowing the oval, and still were when we came home so there went the photoshoot!

Got home and went outside to take some shots but battery went flat, thanks to my husband for not noticing that last night when he was using it.

got this LO done this arvo, started with a blank, not sure what I was doing but this is how it ended up. Was a bit annoyed as cannot find some of my gear, [thats why I had to use black ink on here, not the brown that I wanted to],I know its there but cant find what I want, so thinking time for a major tidy up!!!!

thinking may have to upgrade my trimmer, as everything looks crooked...also looks dull, it actually has pink background paper and pink in the pp, an pink bling on the flowers...


:) Tiff said...

the orchid pic is fabo and how cute are those canine tonails.

you are having fun.

have a play with your levels and curves in photoshop after stitching and flattening to brighten up your LO. esp levels. middle slider is great for taking out some darkness in shadows without losing the detail


sandra said...

photos look great! and so does the layout.. love that green.
As for what Tiff said... WTF???
All gobbledegook to me lol!!!