Monday, February 23, 2009


havnt blogged for a while, have been busy with work, trying to get my TAFE modules organised, and the normal kids appointments etc, etc, etc. Took some photos yesterday, again nothing exciting, I had planned on dragging jaxen for a drive with me and taking some pics around the place, but he hasnt beeen well, and has been spending his time on the lounge watching TV, and taking panadol.[I know hes definitely unwell when he stays still for that long].The kids are over us taking photos, get sick of us and keep moving away.Would have been great when they were little and they love having their photo taken, but not very agreeable at this age.
Havnt scrapped lately, just really havnt had much time, or the inclination and when I do I just cant seem to be bothered as make such a mess in the lounge then has to be all packed away.My house seems to be messy constantly nowadays, Ill have a big clean, but looks the same again by the next morning.
Went to Lincoln of Friday, and on impulse bought Twilight, finished it last night, and really quite enjoyed it, was different but I can see why so many teenage girls are mad about it.
I didnt get the rest of the series as wasnt sure if I would like it or not, so will have to wait until this week to get the other books.Im not that mad about it that I have to have straightaway.
Okay thats about all from me for a while.Our computer is so slow and playing up for some time now, so I am supposed to be backing everything up so scruff can wipe it all off and start again.He can be handy on a computer, but sometimes hes got a bit of a frank spencer about him too, so if you dont see me online for some time, you know that hes screwed something up!


jaki said...

Hey scary. think you are doing quite well with your photos. They are simple and effective.....nothing fancy about them. Which is what i like. Just got the other three books yesterday. At Tafe 3 days and 1 night now so i have no idea when i will have time to read them! Got a backlog of about 7 books sitting beside my bed! Thinking we might have to get sick of it taking minutes for a page to actually load. Been looking at accomodation for the P!NK concert. think we might get the travel agent friend of a friend to do it! Bound to save some $$$$. Hope jacko is feeling better. Good luck with your laptop returning to normal!!!

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hi Maryanne, I love looking at your photos, thanks for sharing, love other Tiff LOL!!!

:) Tiff said...

Hi Betty (Frank S wife).

wondered where u had got to.
the shot of the bee is so cute.

oh and the hairy legs lol.

give us a yell when you want to reload you know what.