Friday, January 9, 2009

todays shots

So we trundled off to the Crocosauras Cove in Darwin city today and weather was nice, probably the coolest day here so far.Pretty good to see, lots of crocs and aquariums.Jaxen, brad and scruff had a hold of a baby croc, must say I did think the baby crocs were cute. On our way back to the car, we saw a didgeridoo and art gallery, so we called in for a look.Brad has been planning on buying a didgeridoo since before we left home, and has been checking them out at different places on our trip.We were in there for a while, the man in there was aboriginal, and very much a salesperson, obviously used to getting tourists in and getting them to buy, he didnt actually try to sell us one, but had the kids all sitting down and teaching them to play. So out we walked about an hour later with a didgeridoo.
Thought our storm was coming today, as we didnt get one last night, but seems to have calmed off.

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