Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sooooooooooooooo hot


45++ today hotter tomorrow [if thats possible.] and hot all week.......also fair bit of lightning around tonight, lets ope no fires started.
man have I ever mentioned that I dislike hot hot weather. Although I am very grateful for airconditioning! Worked tonight, was very hot there too, but tomorrow I will be slacking it, inside as much as possible, and hopefully will be in a mood to scrap, and catch up on a couple of dvds, and also would be a great day for my ST magazine to arrive!
stay cool tomorrow if you can. [I will be praying tonight that the weather forecast has it wrong, and will only get to mid 30s tomorrow].
Night all.


sandra said...

You're not wrong about the heat... it was almost overwhelmingly hot.
I'm not too keen on the heat either.. give me winter any day.
I wonder where all those whingers have gone that were complaining about the lack of summer weather before Xmas?
oh thanks for the encouragement to sub my layout, tried but no go.
not too fussed.
well keep cool tomorrow, I am working with N tomorrow, I think it might be a couch potato day for the both of us.

:) Tiff said...

stinker isnt it.
wanna come out and scrap here???
will be leaving to go to Lincoln about 3.30ish to catch Rabbit and scrap some more.

Jules said...

Oh I am so glad it finally cooled down here in SA ! I hated it ! :(

I've heard it's meant to be getting hot again soon ! Grrr !