Friday, December 26, 2008

my last LOs for 2008

These will be my last LOs for 2008 I think.
I did this one of nick and lisa a couple of weeks ago, based on a page from Scrapbook Trends mag, but did mine 12x12, which didnt look anywhere near as good.
these 3 LOs are using photos from my frst ever scrap album, which I have since dismantled, but many of the photos are cut into ovals [why did I do that?], or stitched together etc, so some are a bit harderto re-scrap.Also in the "Little Me " lo, scanner has cut of the edges, but it has a white pen border all around. The colors etc for this LO, is based on the white glossy cardboard strip, with the bright colored circles on it, which is part of a box of chocolates which I received from my sister for christmas.LOVED the box, [and the choccies too].

Well only 2 more sleeps to go, till we head off on our trip..............planning on being gone @ 9.30ish sunday morning.
Tomorrow will be packing and preparing, have been tidying up etc today.
Jaxen slightly unwell, has a really dry hoarse throat, which will probably mean asthma coughing tonight, which isjust a constant dry barking cough, and often ends up on prednisolone [steroid] , so Im desperately hoping he doesnt get that bad this time, as being stuck in a car for @ 8 hours with him on steroids would be a nightmare.....anyway fingers crossed!
Must go, will blog from NT, when we get there.
Hope you all had a great christmas.
PS. have found a LSS in Darwin , and a forum, so greatly relieved, as am taking a very sparse scrap supply with me!
PPS. sad news,Ive got tiffs fish while shes away...and there was 2 but sadly 1 has died today, and shes back tomorrow, could have held out till then!!! sorry tiff.......


janice said...

Hi Maryanne, hope you and your family had a good christmas. We had a game of backyard cricket planned on mum and dads lawn with 11 cousins and a couple of dads but it was washed out.... the rain was amazing.
Hope Jacko is feeling better.
Enjoy your time away.. I know you have been looking forward to it for awhile and now its finally here... hope you get some help with the packing!!
Love all your new layouts,they look great. Well done.
Catch up when you get back.

sandra said...

great layouts Maryanne!
that top one is the photos.. oh to be young and in love again! sigh
have a great holiday... can't wait to see some holiday snaps on here! keep in touch!

:) Tiff said...

hiya chicky. dont sweat about the fish. we seem to go through them fairly regulary in our home. So much so that it really doesnt bother the kids at all any more.

love that last LO. I think it the little photo in the oval frame and the vintage feel to it.

have a great trip to the NT. Remember dont scratch where you sweat. You so DONT want prickly heat rash.

Jules said...

I love all of your layouts ! :)

Found your blog via FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed :)