Thursday, October 30, 2008


crap foto, but this is my page which I did for the e2c blog the right hand corner there is a teeny tiny photo of my mum, when she was only 16[i think].the challenge was to use paint, which I have done with corrugated cardboard.[photographed instead of scanned as paint a bit thick so will take a while to dry .once again had an idea of what I wanted to do,[based on the contents page from a magazine] but didnt quite turn out as planned.
must go and coach jackos basketball team shortly, so better get ready, I am a dismal coach, I dont even understand basket ball, poor lumped with superdudcoach.thought brad and nick would help me but they have cricket training, then they umpire the littlies basketball.

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Anonymous said...

Another great layout maryanne... you certainly are on a roll. I havent done a hands on page for ages.. enjoying the digi stuff...
much easier for me as i dont have a scrap room.I keep saying each week that i will do the next challenge but the weeks just seem to fly by and no pages are being done.. one day.
Do you have an easy way to stitch your 12x12 layouts together? Have scanned 1 tonight but cant seem to get it cropped evenly... very annoying.