Friday, October 17, 2008

more vintage

another vintage page. grandma mason, with aunty sue and uncle trevor.
gone dotty again

also have put this photo of my dad when he was a baby on here. It is damaged [as lots of our old pics are], and I have tried to fix up a little in photoshop, but not great.Plan to scrap this picture next.

Get very sad looking at old photos of my nan and my dad, as they both died!! quite often end up having a tear!! [I am a crybaby though, as my kids would testify, I cry at the most stupidest thing sometimes, and I dont just have a tear, I can and do cry rivers, and Im a sobber].Even as a little girl I would get upset and just couldnt stop crying, would then progress to sobbing and I can still remember my mom telling me quite sternly to stop crying and I would just keep sobbing "I cant help it".Im Sure jaki can remember that!!

Anyway Im digressing[as usual].

Am hoping to get more pages done next week.

And Im kicking yself I didnt grab sex and the city movie yesterday in lincoln. looked in kmart and couldnt see it there or at target, and have also ordered through big pond movies so it may be here tuesday hopefully. wolud really have loved to watch it this arvo though!!!

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amanda hall said...

i can't tell you how much i LOVE this one enough...

just perfect.