Monday, September 29, 2008

When we went to the Black eyed peas

Did this yesterday, but wasnt happy with it, so did it again today but again not sure about it, in fact I will probably do it again.....its from when saw BEP in concert in adelaide a few years ago and we had an absolute ball, was fantastic, went with annie and my sister in law fiona, so this photo brings back fun memories. Me and annie flew to adelaide,and had such fun on the plane,just laughing and joking etc.The next time I went to adelaide on the plane after this was with scruff, who had drs appointment and we also went to see mark knopler in concert.Scruff hates flying, and will fly only under duress, so we get on the plane and you know how it is when u go away, youre all happy etc, well scruff sat in his seat and clutched the armrests and stared ahead the whole way, no talking or anything.......he is so not fun to fly with.....
anyway Im waffling I know,
very little sleep last night as had earache most of the night, went to drs this morning, on antibiotics for ear infection and sinus/upper respiratory infection[i think!], so hopefully antibiotics kick in quickly, and manage to sleep better tonight! cant remember ever having an ear infection before![or a flu that has lingered around for so long]
might go and lay down for a while


:) Tiff said...

so know where u r at the moment. glad i bumped into you this morning for a quick chat.
will let u know how i go with grommits when i see you next.

sandra said...

Sorry to hear that you are still unwell. Hope everything clears up soon.
Love the page as it is by the way.