Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to Darwin...

Have been checking out accommodation in Darwin for January holidays,and yes I know its the worst time of the year to go,[wet] but very hard to go at other school holidays as Nicks year 12 next year and cant really miss much school, and also some busy times during the year scruff cant take holidays from work.Have been referred to as spazzas [hi jammy and jaki],but cant be helped......anyway if anyone has any tips or recommendations for accommodation would like to hear from you, just leave a comment.Not my ideal holiday destination,[I hate the really hot weather], but my hillbilly redneck husband wont go to QLD, [he calls it wallyworld],as he believes its too commercialised and touristy!![duh]He actually must believe that the NT isnt.
SO ,glad to be finished with footy, our colts won but b grade lost, but the kids are already talking about playing footy in darwin when we,re up there!!!!!!!!!!!![crazy].

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:) Tiff said...

Hiya chick. lived there for 5 years. the wet season is actually OK. (that the time of year you'll be there). u run around in shorts and shirts in the rain and its great. the build up is the worst. about Oct to DEC. avoid that if poss whenever. so tips... hmm dont scratch when it itches = prickly heat rash. contact the NT tourist bureau as far as accommodation and stuff to do goes. things have changed a lot since I've been there.
might even have a look myself and see what has not changed and was good to go to back then.