Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Pics

Brad is really quite artistic,he has always had a bit of talent when it comes to drawing, so some time ago I bought him quite a few diffferent sets of products, and sketchbooks so he could draw and we could get to keep his drawings etc.But most of his drawing is on himself with a black texta, its nothing to see him with 3 or 4 different pictures on different parts of his body.[all tattoo looking,.The kids check out some of the older footballers with tattoos, and think they look awesome].The sketch book doesnt get used, when he does draw on paper its usually just loose paper which later on get lost or thrown out.I didnt take this pic, a hazard of leaving the camera out on the table means when I go to get my pics, theres often all sorts on there.

was sorting my mosaic supplies out on weekend as have not done anything for sooo long, [so its time to go]. and was feeling a bit sorry to get rid of it, so took some photos of my mosaic table which I did quite a while ago.looks a bit dull in the pic, but it is really quite colorful.
And just to remind you all to be grateful for your scraprooms/space, I have put up a pic of my loungeroom floor, which is my "scrapspace", and as you can see I make a hell of a mess, which is why I dont really do much of it when the kids are around!!!!Im sooo envious when I hear anyone mention their scraproom.mind you all I have to do is look up on my wall unit and see a pic of our sponsor child and puts it all into perspective really!!!can change my thinking from "glass half empty to glass half full".

sorry, I really do waffle on a bit dont I!!!!!!!!!!


:) Tiff said...

Maryanne. U have just given me the idea to post a pic of everyone's 'scrap space' to post on the E2C blog.
Bonza chic.
ps the 'tat' is gruesome but awesome. he must have got the artistic talent from his mum.

sandra said...

talented boy! .. hmmm bet he can't wait til hes 18 and can have a legit one!
your scrapping space looks a lot like mine..(just nicer decor lol)
REALLY annoying having to put everything away in boxes and I NEVER seem to put it away neatly so I can find it again next time...