Thursday, September 4, 2008


So being such a nice day, I walked down street with the dog to do some jobs, then came home been tidying stuff up outside then decided to do some much needed weeding in the front garden, which is quite overgrown with weeds........and stuck my hand in some well disguised soft moist CAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEWWWWWWW, just washed my hands for the 7th time in near boiling water......and the weeding has now come to a screaming halt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off now to wash my hands....again


sandra said...

ROFL... so funny.
can see your face now!... no chewing fingernails for a while then??

jaki said...

Mary, havent you ever heard of "gardening gloves"? That is so gross!Showed our photoshop teacher you spring challenge. She thought your pic was me. Look like twins and she thinks we look like princess mary. So mary, u really might just be a princess then!

Dee Molina said...

found your blog from Amanda Hall..

LUV your work and ewww about the cat crap.. lol